Front cover image of book Off My Knees

It isn’t often that I am asked to write a review for someone that I know is at the top of their profession.

The search to find a qualified book publisher was hard. I needed a publisher who had mastered the skills necessary so the book would be of highest quality and accepted everywhere including Amazon, Ingram Spark, bookstores and libraries. Before I discovered Pedernales, I put myself into the hands of unqualified people and paid the price, both financially and time-wise.

So, when I found Pedernales Publishing I thought I had struck gold!

Jose Ramirez and his wife and partner, Barbara, are the cream of the crop. There are so many details and services required to publish a book that it can become mind-boggling. With endless patience and boundless knowledge gathered from years of experience, they made the process enjoyable.

They made my best-selling book beautiful and the best it could be!

Five Stars!!!

Julie D. Summers is the author of OFF MY KNEES, FROM SKID ROW TO SUNSET BOULEVARD, A True Story. She currently serves as Co-Secretary on the Governing Board of the non-profit PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) located in California.