Fire_in_the_blood_webAn old woman, the town “oddball,” dies in a horrible fire in the small town of Shoestring, Texas, and the local Police Chief, Hector Chavez, calls again on Presbyterian Cleric Angus McPherson to help sort out some strange clues that may lead the pair to uncover a plot to wipe out the human race. Such is the plot of Mark W. Stoub’s new Angus McPherson Mystery, The Fifth Trumpet: Fire in the Blood. 

Dr. Mark Stoub was awarded Honorable Mention in the Angell Award, given to best emerging writers, for writing a mystery novel about a Presbyterian executive who becomes the Texas version of Hercule Poirot when he investigates murders in Blood Under the Altar, published by Bald Angel Books. Stoub is a retired Presbyterian minister who lives in Kyle, Texas. Dr. Stoub is also an award-winning columnist in the Texas Press Association’s column-writing contest, 2017.