NTM-front-webPedernales is proud to announce the publication of Elizabeth Stewart’s new book, No Thanks Mom.  A concise guide for parents of Millennials, No Thanks Mom  offers safe advice on what to do with those objects that were lovingly saved, but are not welcomed by the next generation. Learn how to downsize your home without upsizing your children’s home, and without causing strife in your relationships. This is a hot topic that crosses three generations with stories in the New York Times and magazines.

The Baby Boomer generation was promised the American Dream, which for many was manifested in objects. Their children and grandchildren, the Millennials, do not have the same American Dream. They have different values about material objects, and that generally means they don’t want their parents or grandparents’ stuff. A quick glance at the generational charts in the back of this book highlights many of these societal changes that drive these differences.

Prompted by a personal experience of discovering her own treasures in a Goodwill store, Dr. Stewart’s fun-to-read guide will have you alternating between laughter and tears as she sets forth plans for what to do with your treasures once your kids have said “No thanks.”